“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” - Rumi

Recruitment Skill Certification

Human Resource Management is often perceived as the soft career choice, the perfect desk job with little pressure and fuzzy goals. But in truth it is an exacting profession with immense organization impact and competition from numerous aspirants owing to its skewed reputation.

Within HR, Talent Acquisition has become one of the most business critical role. High growth or recession, the war for the right talent is cut throat. Rapidly evolving marketplace with dramatic shifts precipitated by the social media in its zillions of “avtaars” is demanding the miracle of the “STAR Recruiter”.

The traditional learn as you earn and few theories absorbed while at college leave you gasping for survival on the work floor. A highly competitive marketplace with all players gunning for the select few high performers calls for you to innovate, differentiate, negotiate and convert all against a ticking clock!

Job portals and Social Media are great tools in the hands of the savvy for others they are mesmirising screens.

This  program is suitable for:

  • HR professionals working with Internal Hiring Teams of corporates or Talent Acquisition Firms.
  • New entrants in the domain, looking to gain closer insight into the field of Recruitment.
  • HR professionals looking upskill themselves

Please choose your category:

  • Student or New in HR
  • Working working professional with Exp